Friday, March 30, 2012

Academic Language Week 29 - School Conferences

Parents should not receive jail time for not attending their Childs school conferences. Some kids have problems at home with their parents at home so if the parents found out they were doing bad in school they would get in even more trouble. Then you have those parent whose children do good in school and they do go to the school conference and see that their child is doing good but it doesn’t affect them because they expect them to do good. Kids SEEK attention in any and every way they can in school if they don’t get it at home.  Parent teacher conferences are a good RESOURCE for parents to check up on the kid. Most parents’ excuses’ is that they have work.  They don’t always have to go to the school. You can do it over the phone or email. If parents go to jail for not attending a school conference, then who will take care of their kids? Then they will have to TRANSFER possibly to a family member or even in to the foster system and then it gets worse from there.

Monday, March 26, 2012